Take a lesson

Spend time in the Kitchen with a great Jamaican Cook, try Painting,  Wood Carving, Birdwatching, what are your interests?  Learing with a local is a wonderful way to experience a culture.  We are happy to match people with passions.

Off the Beach 

Inland, enjoy rivers, waterfalls, green hiking trails - country drives to find historic architecture and charming traditional vernaculars.  Swim, picnic, relish the peace and quiet of nature left alone.  

Custom Travel Planning

As Travel Planners, we are here to serve the adventurer, the seeker, the enthusiast, the curious. Why visit Jamaica if you are not interested in the country.  There are easier places to visit, but only one Jamaica.

Culture & Culinary Experiences

Taste the best Jamaica offers. Our produce is prized, we grow the finest fruits, spices, ginger, pimento, sugar for Rum, coffee, chocolate, and cannabis in the world! 

Discover Jamaica's greatest secrets

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