Jamaica, the best country for mountain treks

Golden raindrops float down the car window as we cruise into the Blue Mountains...

Paddy Cunningham Birding Adventures

"I absolutely LOVED the trip. Far exceeded my expectations. I have been to Costa Rica, Panama and Trinidad and have had great guides and gotten the birds we hoped for, but I have never had such an unique time on a bird trip. As Janis said authentic Jamaican experiences. David and the coffee plantation, Reach Falls and Ms.Syd was so wonderful, really amazing, the care and service of home cooked meals from Paul and Mark and the ladies of Goblin Hill people loved it.

New York City Audubon

Lynda arranged a Jamaica birding trip for NYC Audubon in March 2013. Her knowledge of local guides, drivers, accommodations and restaurants is unmatched. Lynda was sensitive to the needs of our guests on the trip, and went the extra mile to make sure that everything went smoothly, including hauling our breakfast up to the top of mountain when the hotel staff didn't have it ready in time for our 6am birding.

Jamaica Tripper Interview

Interview with Lynda Lee Burks of the Jamaica Tour Society

Q. How are the tours offered by the Touring Society of Jamaica different from other tours offered on the island?

A. My tours are private, customized to suit my client’s interests. I specialize in unique, off-the-beaten-track destinations and introduce people to interesting local personalities.

Q. What surprises await visitors in the island’s interior?

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