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Hike and Swim – Full Day

Hiking Time:  Approx 4 Hours

Difficulty:  Scale 1 – 5 :   3 … the ups and difficult places are short.

Kids…  14 yrs old & up  (10 to 14 if they have Hiking experience)

Robin’s Bay Hike Schedule:  Saturday’s, by Reservation. 

Cost Per Person: $150.00, includes transportation from Ocho Rios, Trail Guide, Snacks, Walking Stick.

Description:   Starting in the old seaport town of Port Maria, loop through countryside to the farming community of Islington.  This is where the Trail begins.  The (approx. 5 mile) Trail is maintained by the bike club - Single Track Jamaica – and its principal purpose is to provide these extreme sports enthusiasts an amazing place to hone their skills.   This is what they have to say about their trails:  “trails are living, breathing things.  Most have been around hundreds of years as generations of Jamaicans have used them to walk within and between communities.  They are literally the arteries of rural Jamaica…”  The quiet is pronounced, the greenery and trees profuse.  There are astounding views, beautiful water for swimming, a pristine Black Sand Beach, Kwamen Falls, it is a coastline hike that let’s you wander where the wifi is irrelevant.  There is no better tonic than a good long walk in nature.     


8:00                                    Depart Ocho Rios for Islington, St. Mary

9:00                                    Start Hike

9:20                                    At the top…the Views!

10:20 - 11:15                      Black Sand Beach

11:45 – 12:15                     Kwamen Falls

2:00                                   Strawberry Fields

2:30/3                                Depart Strawberry Fields after Red Stripe & Food

                                           or  Stop for Jerk & Soup at Islington Jerk Shop

4:00                                   Ocho Rios

Buy now for: 

Practical details

What you need for Hiking.

Good Walking Shoes – no flip flops.

Shorts are OK, insect repellant in case

Hat & Sunscreen

Water, if you have a Camelbak – bring it!

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