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In Jamaica we take eating seriously. Most islands are simply too small or overdeveloped to sustain local agriculture and must rely on imported foods.               

In Jamaica eating ‘local’ and eating well, is a point of pride.


MVP is a family owned and operated restaurant and smokehouse just west of Montego Bay.  Brother, Sister team Boris and Michelle Reid hail from the cool hills of Manchester where they still keep a farm.  They have a deep affection for island cuisine and smoking meats.  They make their own sausage and sauces and source local produce always.  MVP is delighted to welcome you to their table for a taste Jamaica’s very best.  


Arrive and find Boris at the Bar ready to guide you through a sampling of Jamaica’s fine Rum’s, while you snack on hot ‘Peppa Shrimp’ from the River and Jerk Sausage bites from the Grill.  Your favorite rum will become a cocktail or grab a cold Red Stripe as you follow Boris to the Smoke Room.  This is your opportunity to talk about smoking meat and Jerking, with a Master.  


Afterwards, Sit down to a ‘sip’ of Soup and bountiful meal served family style. 

Michelle will introduce the Meal…  

Suggested Menu:

Soup - Calaloo or Pumpkin Chicken

Jerk Chicken

Jerk Pork

Curry Goat

Escoveitch Fish fillet

Ackee and Cod Fish 

Sides: Mini Bammies, Festival, Rice & Peas, Plain rice, and Hard dough bread sticks with all sauces and condiments. 

End the banquet with Blue and High Mountain Coffee / Tasting, accompanied by a little rum tipple or Jamaica Rum Creme.  Jamaican sweets – Rum Cake, Plantain Tarts, Coconut Cream Pie and Fresh Fruit.

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The Best Jamaica Tasting Experience with MVP

Montego Bay


2.5 Hours

8 Persons, Minimum, 20 Max. (without adjusting itinerary and menu.)

Does not include Transportation.

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Tue, 2020-02-18 23:00

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