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Stush in the Bush is an apt description of Lisa and Chris Binns. Stush is a word Jamaicans love.  It implies style, pride, and a certain arrogance about living a good life, valuing quality, what’s important.  

Which is precisely what you feel when you meet the Binn’s at Zionites, their 15 acre organic farm, located in the cool hills of St. Ann, in a small village, called Free Hill.  We will visit a breathtaking landscape, stepping back to basics - the farm, where things move slowly, where luxury resides in simplicity and our connection to the earth.  Walk the farm with Chris as you pick a salad for our table – sampling produce, enjoying the birds, flowers and sweeping views of Jamaica’s north coast.

Then relax in the kitchen and garden with Lisa, learning secrets of great vinaigrette’s and marmalades, cooking and baking with healthy ingredients. You will eat large and well, sampling the scrumptious Stush in the Bush menu. The most important ingredient in every Stush in the Bush product is love and affection; it even says so, right on the label.

Practical details

This experience includes transportation and all food and beverages. We will pick you up at hour hotel/villa and will bring you back afterwards.

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