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21 Oct

Emerging from Pandemic

What has happened in these last 2 years? Life as we’ve known it has altered, we’ve been left stranded and alone and confused. If anything I’ve learned some patience and accepted the fact I do not know and can not control what happens next. I have been fortunate to be locked down in Jamaica where there is clean air and space to walk out, fresh vegetables and a sea to swim in. Jamaica life is simple, for it to get even simpler is only a good lesson, not necessarily a hardship.

30 Sep

Truck Tale

Things were rough for Jamaica in the 1970’s, and that’s what was broadcast.  Tourism was bust, and there was nothing in the grocery store to buy.  I flew from New York City to Montego Bay with peanut butter and toilet paper on the $99.

20 Apr

Jamaica, Unchained Melodies, by Nigel Tisdall

This Article by Nigel Tisdall was published in the Travel section of the UK Telegraph in 1998...  it is still relevent and I love it so much I have to share!  Enjoy!

Jamaica: Unchained melodies

Nigel Tisdall and family flee the tourist compounds, hire a car, turn up the tape deck and set off to see the real Jamaica

12 Apr

Jamaica On A Platter... next course

Extrordinary March Jamaica On A Platter with Caribbean Journalist Nigel Tisdall and his talented wife Alice.  Fantastic company, fabulous Food, glorious Food!  

Downtown Coronation Market, eye opening and good fun.  Nick Davis, fascinating Chocolate host.  Belcour - gracious and always so delicious.  The Old Tavern and Clifton Mount Coffee unforgettable and Strawberry Hill truly wonderful Jamaica Blue Mountain base camp.  What a weekend! 


About the author

Lynda Lee Burks has lived in Jamaica most of her adult life. She supports her passion for living by the sea, by organizing tours of Jamaica, producing events – dub poets to destination weddings, and as artist and teacher.  

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