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"Special intrest itineraries are my bailiwick - food, wellness, birds, hiking and waterfalls, art, architecture and Jamaican culture.  By introducing people with similar interests, you inspire growth of these interests in Jamaica, and hope in the long term, to help protect and stimulate the culture. Tourism should be a vibrant industry that serves the country holistically, body and soul."     




Services range from Day Trips to full holiday planning including but not limited to airport transfers, transportation, accommodations, tours, learning, classes, sports, entertainment, gifts, meals, restaurants,  staff/ cooks/nannies/drivers/guides.   Service includes hand-holding, follow-up and trouble shooting.

With over 30 years experience on the island, and a host of remarkable friends and associations, Jamaica Tour Society is delighted to provide the discerning traveler a unique and authentic experience of Jamaica, offering customised experiences across the island.  

Why Jamaica?

Jamaica is not an easy place to navigate.  Unless you've bought the package, checked yourself into an all-inclusive, you are swimming against the tide.  Which is a good reason the Jamaica Tour Society exists - to deviate, to be a resource for the adventurer, the seeker, the scholar, the enthusiast, the curious.  Why visit Jamaica if you are not interested in the country.  There are easier places to visit, but simply, they aren't Jamaica.


An inspiring and fun place to be

This is an island of diverse landscapes - misty Blue Mountain tops, magical Cockpit Country Roads, vast Savannahs, fresh water Rivers and Waterfalls, and always the diamond blue Caribbean Sea.  Jamaica has enriched the world with its spirit, imagination, vibrant culture of style, indispensable music, renowned cuisine, bold art, and charming architectural vernaculars.  It's the Jamaica Tour Society's ambition, to produce the most fascinating and thrilling, experiences, events and tours Jamaica can offer.  

Discover Jamaica's greatest secrets

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