Cockpit Country Hike & Birding w. Beach - 1 Night

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Cockpit Country is the natural habitat for most of the island's endemic flora and fauna. The landscape is dramatic with its green conical shaped hills, valleys, caves, rivers, and some beautiful blue pools incl. Dornoch in Stewart Town.
Country roads bordering Cockpit Country, carry you through traditional rural villages, with names like Unity, Sherwood Content (home of Usain Bolt) and Friendship, and typify a way of Jamaica country living. This is where Maroon history feels most vivid. The Maroons were slaves who escaped, set up their own communities and fought for freedom.  Hampden Sugar Estate has been operational here since 1750.  

The Cockpit Country BBQBottom Hike is 10 miles from Clarkes Town to Spring Garden - a gentle, mostly shaded trail that offers plentiful views of island birds, and their habitat.  This is a leisurely 4/5 hour walk that starts early morning.  Begin this Cockpit adventure at a comfortable beach overnight bed and breakfast.   


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Per Person cost Includes: Bed, Breakfast, RT Transportation to Hike , Guide.  Confirm reservation with nonrefundable Deposit.



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