Hiking Blue Mountains - Cunha Cunha Pass Trail - 2 Days, 1 Night

About this tour

The historic Cunha Cunha Pass Trail is a 5.5 mile mountain trail, which was first used by the Windward Maroons, (direct descendants of the Taino and Africans who ran away to the mountains rather than stay as slaves), as an escape route during battles with the British forces. The trail connects Hayfield and other parts of St Thomas with Bowden Pen and the Rio Grande Valley in Portland. Many people within the Upper Rio Grande Valley are of Maroon descent. This is where the Blue Mountains and John Crow Mountain ranges are closest together. The area is particularly lush and beautiful with numerous streams and waterfalls. This is the main habitat for the endemic giant swallowtail butterfly – the largest butterfly in the Western Hemisphere.

In 2002, the Bowden Pen Farmers’ Association restored the Cunha Cunha Pass Trail (with funding from the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica and assistance from the Blue & John Crow Mountain National Park Rangers and Jamaica Conservation Development Trust). The trail is one of the most famous trails across the Blue Mountain and is used by residents and visitors alike.

Ambassabeth Eco Lodge is located at Bowden Pen in close proximity of the Cunha Cunha Pass Trail. Ambassabeth offers visitors the opportunity to be immersed in nature, the culture and history of the area and to enjoy real old time Jamaican hospitality. Focusing on traditional Jamaican cooking - meals at Ambassebeth are a special treat. Activities include river bathing, trail hiking, visits to observe traditional farming methods, field trips to learn about the flora and fauna of the area, learning to cook traditional food, story telling and cultural presentations.

Ambassabeth Eco-Lodge and the Cunha Cunha Pass Heritage Trail are the primary income generating activities of the Bowden Pen Farmer’s Association, supporting their work which includes: natural resources management, heritage preservation, reforestation of denuded lands and education, improving the livelihood of the community as a whole.

Cunha Cunha Pass Trail from Port Antonio
Sample Itinerary
Day 1 Port Antonio to Ambassebeth Eco-Lodge
2:00 PM Depart Port Antonio for Millbank
3:30 Last Bridge - Transfer Bags to Ambassebeth Vehicle & Hike!
4:15 Arrive on foot, Ambassebeth Eco Lodge
6:30 Cooking & Dinner

Day 2 Cunha Cunha Trail to Bath and Port Antonio
7:30 AM Sacred Pool before Breakfast
9:00 Breakfast
10:30 Cunha Cunha Pass Trail
2:30 PM Bath Botanic Gardens Picnic
Options: Bath Mineral Fountain and Reach Falls.
5:30 Return Port Antonio

Additional: Port Antonio accommodations. We are happy to secure best rates and rooms in many special places. From Trident Castle to Frenchman’s Cove, Goblin Hill, or Canopy House, we can help you with wonderful accommodations Port Antonio!

Practical details

From Port Antonio. Includes: RT Transportation with Driver who couriers bags, Meals and Snacks, Ambassebeth Cabins, guided hikes, Cunha Cunha PassTrail. (4 person minimum.)

Price: $195.

Duration: 2 days

Important information: This is a custom tour, please contact us for more information or pricing

Comfort Level: Simple, clean, private and dormitory rooms, shared bathrooms, authentic eco-tourism hostel. Excellent choice for friends and family groups. Exertion Level: 1-4 Scale = 3, Active, Sustained physical activity both days. Hikes mostly shaded, under lovely woodland canopy! Longest hike – Cunha Cunha Pass, 5.5 miles / Approx. 3.5 hours / moderate climb.

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