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Falmouth is an architectural gem. Designed as a model city in 1790, at the pinnacle of Jamaica’s Sugar Industry. There were over 400 Sugar Plantations in Jamaica, 88 of those estates, were in the parish of Trelawny, where Falmouth was made capital city. By 1793, the wealthiest sugar barons had built Falmouth townhouses as well as their own wharves and warehouses, and the town enjoyed a social and commercial life on par with Kingston or any of the greatest Caribbean Ports of Call.

Falmouth’s heyday was short but memorable. By 1837, the steamship arrived and Falmouth froze in time. As the centuries slipped by people built on top of Falmouth as it crumbled… but its all still there.

We are delighted to introduce passionate historic preservationists to Falmouth Heritage Renewal, an organization working to save the cultural and architectural heritage of Falmouth.

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Websites: The Georgian Society of Jamaica / www.georgianjamaica.org Jamaica National Heritage Trust / http://www.jnht.com/ Falmouth Heritage Renewal / http://www.falmouthjamaica.org/Home.html

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