Good Hope

30 Apr

Sweet Living at Good Hope

Early morning, if you wake, it is noticeably quiet, the sky has settled, the moon is visible, through the breadfruit, in all its phases, from my bedroom window. But because of the quiet, if not a single bird is tweeting, I know it’s far too early to get out of bed. I turn over and listen peacefully to silence.

02 Mar

SCAN JAMAICA – Service, Culture, Adventure, Nature 2015 JAMAICA TEEN TOUR SUMMER CAMP

Join Tammy Hart, director of Good Hope Kids Camp, and Lynda Lee Burks, director of Jamaica Tour Society on an 8 day/7 Night adventure in Jamaica! Immerse yourself in Jamaica’s culture as we trek unspoiled nature, always with a spirit of inquiry and exploration, and a commitment to be of service.

10 Apr

Walking at Good Hope

A walk at Good Hope Estate is the most glorious way to begin a day in Jamaica. Not just good for the soul, it is the best way to digest a 2000 acre country landscape lost in time.

06 Apr

6 Hours in Falmouth - “Cruise Ship A Come!”

Thursday, February 17, 2011, the first Cruise Ship, Voyager of the Seas, sailed into the brand spanking new Falmouth Cruise Ship Terminal built collaboratively by Royal Caribbean and the Port Authority of Jamaica.

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